Microware Iscan Handheld USB Mobile Portable Document & Image Scanner, 900DPI, High Speed, with Micro SD Card Reader, Handheld Portable Scanner


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Microware Portable Scanner scans images or pictures quickly: Store JPEG/PDF files within seconds, scan images or pictures quickly, plug and play, no need any software preinstalled. Compatible with Windows XP/7/Vista/Mac OS 10.4 or above version. Lightweight and travel-friendly: Stored in Micro SD card directly, support read data on your computer or phone with USB connected. Compact Design, it is convenient to carry outside. 3 Image Resolution: 3 modes of resolution for your options: 300dpi/600dpi/900dpi, you can save it at the clearest way, picture and document are showed clear as it is. Freely choose your favorite resolution. Widely Used: It is applicable in bank, insurance business, real estate agency,home, office, library or outdoors. suitable for lawyer, businessmen, students, travelers and amateur archivists. Scan your important files and save them immediately, no struggling in finding a printing shop, keep it confidential. File Format: JPEG/PDF format is all available, Great storage capacity as it supports 32G Micro SD card,total meet your need for business trip or daily use.

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