Fujifilm Instax Mini Link Smartphone Printer (Dusky Pink)



Print your favorite frame from a video. Sometimes the best photos are action shots. To get your best shot, tilt the printer to zoom in and out then press the power button to take a photo. Easily edit and print photos from your smartphone. Choose from 27 fun frames design to add to your photo. Flip the printer vertically/horizontally to change the app mode Download Free ?instax” From App Store Or Google play Give your prints a more stylish look and combine all your favorite photos together! Choose from 14 collage styles, and 3 split styles to divide one photo into multiple frames. Charging time: Approx 80 to 120 min (depends on the temp & battery remaining level) Match test:This mode is sure to be fun for everyone! Simply take a photo of you and a friend and answer a few questions to test your compatibility or let the app automatically do it for you!

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