(Renewed) Amkette Wi-Key Plus 2.4 GHz USB wireless keyboard & mouse combo for PC, Laptop and Devices with USB Support (Black)


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This Amazon Renewed product will be in an unboxed or refurbished condition and has been professionally inspected and tested by an Amazon qualified supplier. Box and accessories may be generic DESIGN AND COMFORT: Amkette Wikey Plus features a slim and sleek design for easy handling and also comes with con-curved keys providing a soft yet firm touch to your keystrokes. You will be happy to see and use this Keyboard Combo. MULTIMEDIA KEYS & INDICATORS: Unlike most Wireless Keyboards, the WiKey Plus comes with CAPS and NUM Lock Indicators. This wireless multimedia combo is designed for convenience and instant media and internet access with keys like play/pause music, increase or decrease the volume, mute, open default multimedia player etc. ready for your command. HIGH PRECISION MOUSE WITH DPI: Amkette Wikey plus keyboard combo is bundled along with a sleek and precise mouse that has an adjustable DPI switch to adjust sensitivity between 3 DPI levels i.e. 800, 1200 & 1600, to support both ordinary and the gaming needs. (Nano Receiver storage is inside the mouse battery compartment) RELIABILITY OF ADVANCED WIRELESS: Advanced 2.4 GHz wireless lets you work or play anywhere. The wireless connection virtually eliminates delays, dropouts, and interference offering lagless experience with a range of up to 10 meters.

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